“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

RRAF Marketing Corp., duly organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines, is a company established by a group of successful entrepreneurs and millionaires in the network marketing and direct selling of vitamin c supplement in Iloilo City and other parts of the country.

Corporate Culture

RRAF Marketing Corp.’s business foundation is set in a culture of heath and wellness, promoting preventive measures and healthy lifestyle for customers and distributors. The company believes quality business starts with happy, healthy people in the communities that it serves.

For your reference, look up our company Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Learning business secrets from success

Aspirations in entrepreneurship start young. You’ve probably heard and read of success stories by individuals that started out young, to the extent some dropped out of school, to pursue ventures that later made big name in business, such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, among others.

Yet, whatever your age right now, we make it our business to help you right here.

Do you have a drive for a wellness business in Iloilo city and looking for a company to support your efforts? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur but lack big capital? Do you have the capital but short of ideas in finding the kind of business that maximizes ROI with risks down to a minimum?

Now, RRAF Marketing Corp., the premier wellness business center in Iloilo City shares to you the opportunity to learn the secrets of success in network marketing and distribution of vitamin c supplement in Iloilo City. For a minimal investment, we help you kickstart your own direct selling business and earn profits quickly in a short span of time as one week!

Our secret? We have unlocked the secrets of leveraging the power of network marketing to spur business momentum in the distribution of vitamin c supplement in Iloilo City.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme; rather, by following a proven business system in network marketing that, over a reasonable amount of time, has produced millionaires such as the incorporators of RRAF Marketing Corp.

Flagship Product

Doctri-Cee Sodium Ascorbate vitamin C is RRAF Marketing Corp.’s flagship product brand and the leading non-acidic vitamin C supplement in the market today, poised to overtake the rest. Product advantages:

  • Doctri-CEE is a non-acidic sodium ascorbate vitamin C in 100% pure crystalline powder form.
  • Every capsule of Doctri-CEE is manufactured under strict, world-class pharmaceutical grade environment to create a supreme quality Vitamin C product and FDA approved.
  • Doctri-CEE uses no fillers, preservative or other chemical component.
  • Doctri-CEE uses sea vegetable capsule with more beneficial trace minerals than land-based vegetables.

Distribution Channels

RRAF Marketing Corp., as the leading supplier of vitamin c supplement in Iloilo City, has created a distribution system for its range of affordable food supplement and consumer products to make them available across territories near or far, even right at your doorstep.

RRAF Marketing has devised scalable and affordable packages for you to start a business and be your own boss.

Distribution Packages

RRAF MARKETING CORP., the vitamin c supplier in Iloilo City, offers a choice of five business packages to correspond with your budget, business volume, scope and area of coverage.

  • Business Center Owner
  • Stockist
  • Mobile Stockist
  • Mini Mobile Stockist
  • Individual independent distributor

There are almost 100 urban centers in the country and they are rich potential areas and consumer base where you can position your own vitamin c distribution business.

Talk to the person who shared you this information or invited you to listen to a business presentation on vitamin c supplement in Iloilo City. He or she will be able to help explain to you more about the distribution business system, packages and ROI or Contact us.