Free Travel Incentives Revisited

by John Wilbert F. Velez

To see the world and different cultures are among the joys and benefits of travelling. Going to different lands gives you a glimpse of the diversity of humanity and the palpable richness of the sounds, sights, colors and smell peculiar in such places. For some, it’s an adventure which opens eyes to communities, cultures, and experiences that reshape their lives.

For the second time in as many years, RRAF Marketing Corp. has rewarded dozens of its top leaders and distributors with free trips abroad through a travel incentive program. This leisure, fun trip is absolutely free and spiced up with pocket money for shopping, amusement and dining.

RRAF Hongkong Trip - 2015
RRAF Thailand Trip - 2016

Are you interested in joining our free travel incentive in 2017?

If so, you are welcome! Discover products and services of RRAF Marketing Corp. and how they have become best sellers in supermarkets, drugstores and consumers.

We extend this invitation to interested parties in the network or direct distribution business to join us in promoting unique health products far and wide, to rich or poor, and all races and colors. Invite your family and friends to the opportunity of a lifetime. You also get the chance to see the world for free!

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John Wilbert F. Velez is the President of RRAF Marketing Corp., a food and drug distributor licensed by the Food and Drug Administration. John is also a Board of Director at Rapid Resources & Asset Facility Management Services, a staffing company based in Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines.

Quality Wins Brand Accolades

To make your brand extensively recognized and a consistent top seller item is the ultimate goal of your company. This happens when your unique value proposition defines the reasons why people should buy from you and customers keep coming back. One company that has attained this sort of momentum in business is RRAF Marketing Corp., a leader in the wellness industry in Western Visayas. On the occasion of the 35th Consumers Choice Awards night held last June 21, 2015 at the AFP Grand Theater in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, Renan S. Dela Cruz, Founder and Corporate Treasurer, and other executives of RRAF Marketing Corp. received the following awards:

  • Consumers Choice Award for DOCTRI-CEE Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C 600 mg capsule as “2015 BEST ANTIOXIDANT AND IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER SUPPLEMENT”
  • Gold Seal of Quality Award for DOCTRI-CEE Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Syrup for Kids with Zinc as “2015 BEST NON-ACIDIC GROWTH FACTOR SUPPLEMENT FOR KIDS”
(Founder Renan S. Dela Cruz receives the Gold Seal of Quality Award plaque from Awards Project Chairman Jake Navea. Looking on from left are John Wilbert Velez, President; Ruevel Penaranda, Corporate Secreatary, and Dr. Sevillo Tamayo.)
Consumers Choice Award is a prestigious and internationally-recognized award and consumer tribute to Who’s Who in various fields of pursuits such business and arts. Previously, top brands given recognition were SM Shoemart, Jollibee and Globe Telecom. RRAF Marketing Corp. wishes to thank all business partners, customers, consumers hereabouts for their unflinching support to its brands. The brand accolades demonstrate our success as a health solutions provider.