The Company

Welcome to – your food supplement distribution, direct selling and network marketing website in the digital age.

RRAF Marketing Corp. consists of a team of entrepreneurs and top achievers in the network marketing industry united by a common goal of nurturing young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams through food supplement distribution and network marketing in health and wellness.


To develop a network of vibrant and financially independent individual distributors, group leaders and diverse distribution channels, marketing certified quality food supplements and health products in high demand, fostered by a management responsive to consumer health needs and business growth to increase shareholder value.


To become the first nutraceutical distribution and network marketing company in central Philippines to enter the international market, stimulate robust consumer demand and awareness for food supplements, and create a network of young entrepreneurs and millionaires, and a business model for sustainable wellness distribution, wealth creation and customer satisfaction in the international community.



Becoming a positive influence in the company with your words, actions and conduct of business among your partners and customers.


Respect for the individual rights, strength and weakness of members of the team, as working skillfully together as a team increases your potential to achieve results in great measures in overcoming difficulties and realizing opportunities.


Being equipped with overall knowledge of the business to enable you to provide business value as you serve the needs of customers and team members alike.


The character of honest dealings in every transaction, not taking undue advantage of others and always reminding yourself that having integrity makes you successful and number one in everyone’s heart.